For this menu to work, you need ScriptHookV Mod Enabler, ScriptHookV Plugins, and the latest GTA V patch.

This menu is the FREE version of Menyoo, and is for offline fun. Although you can’t have fun with friends, it is very fun to play around with.

Link to FREE Menyoo:

Link to ScriptHookV Mod Enabler:

Link to ScriptHookV Plugins:

A few tips for when you are modding online:

1. Make sure you are in a lobby by yourself. There is a way to make yourself be alone in a public lobby. Open task manager, performance tab, right click GTA.exe, suspend, wait ten seconds, then resume.


3. You don’t have to, but a safe way to drop money is to drop during a mission.

4. USE IN MODERATION! The suggested settings for dropping money are a 200 delay and 00. It is possible to go higher in money and lower in delay but you put yourself it a much larger risk.

5. Really the only thing people normally use mods for is dropping money. Dropping money is surprisingly much more safe than teleporting or spawning in objects so use it wisely.

↓↓For Rockstar, Sony, Activision, and Everyone/Company That Is Watching This Video:

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